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Nathan Jongewaard is a veteran videographer, editor, producer, director, writer and teacher. He brings a lifelong passion for moving image media to every gig, every project, every lesson. He has hung his shingle, as New Orchard Media, in Alameda, California.

A man at the salon

Got a haircut over the weekend. At the salon was a remarkable book, created by Crew, which I think makes hair products. 

Where there's man there's Crew.

Oh, believe me, I do. Sometimes twice!

At least not for white men.

Mm, yeah, that and a pair of testicles.

His eyes are telling you you're fat.

Okay, now you just gotta give me a fucking break with this shit. Jesus. Someone, somewhere wrote this. And someone approved it. Then a bunch of Hitler Youth posed for the pictures. And someone printed it and put it in my barbershop. But why? That's what I can't figure out. For the love of god, why?