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Nathan Jongewaard is a veteran videographer, editor, producer, director, writer and teacher. He brings a lifelong passion for moving image media to every gig, every project, every lesson. He has hung his shingle, as New Orchard Media, in Alameda, California.

The House I Live In

Let’s say it this way, cause it’s more honest. Instead of saying, Let’s get rid of all these drug addicts and drug dealers and once we throw away the key on them we’ll solve this problem. Why don’t you try saying it to yourself this way:

All these Americans that we don’t need anymore, the factories are closed, we don’t need them, you know, the textile mills are gone, GM is closing plants, we don’t need these people. They’re extra Americans, we don’t need them. Let’s just get rid of the bottom fifteen percent of the country. Let’s lock them up. In fact, let’s see if we can make money off locking them up, in the short term. Even though it’s going to be an incredible burden for our society, even though it’s going to destroy these families, you know, where these people are probably integral to the lives of other Americans. Let’s just get rid of them.

You know, I mean, at that point why don’t you just say, Kill the poor. If we kill the poor we’re going to be a lot better off. Because that’s what the drug war’s become.

— David Simon, creator of The Wire, in Eugene Jarecki’s searing documentary The House I Live In